Why you should use PPC?

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PPC stands for ‘Pay per click’ it is an internet based marketing model used to bring traffic to you site, Essentially it is a way of buying visits to your site. Basically it is an advertisement model in which you place ads at certain places and the campaigner has to pay a certain amount every time the ad is clicked.

You might have built a great website with elegant design unique information and good content but what is the purpose of all the hard work if no one pays a visit now at this point you need use ‘PPC’ in your marketing strategy.

PPC revolves around its two models the first one is CPC ‘cost per click’ in this model you are charged every time the ad is clicked the price of the ad depends upon the location you targeted some might be cheap and cost you pennies and the others might cost use dollars it can vary dramatically.

The second model is CPM ‘cost per mile’ or commonly known as ‘cost per 1000’ in this kind of model you pay for the ad to be shown for a thousand times whether someone clicks on it or not you will pay after every thousand impressions you will be charged.

In making the right PPC strategy there are several things other than CPC and CPM that you need to figure out to make it work, how many number of time your ad appears matters on the things such as

Quality score - It is the rating of the quality and relevance of keywords higher the quality score is more ads you will get at lower costs

Landing Page Quality - Relevant content and specific search queries on the landing page will increase the traffic.

Keyword Relevance - Creating relevant keywords and proper ad text makes PPC effective.

Creativeness The more creative you are while designing your ad campaign the more clicks you will get.

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