Offsite backups

At Gnovatech, we take every kind precautionary measures to ensure that your website does not go through costly breakdowns. Our daily backups make the website development phase smooth and efficient.

Quality assurance

To meet the expectations of all our clients, we have a quality assurance team always on the lookout for any kind of discrepancies. Striving for perfection, our experts ensure a holistic monitoring system.


Security checks

Our professionals have made it paramount for themselves to keep your website under continuous surveillance and monitoring. Throughout the development phase, we keep an eye out for any vulnerabilities.

Superb Investment

We understand the importance of long-term success of your website, and ensure that you do not regret investing your time and money with us. We believe in happy customers.

Secure your data

Our professionals design customized website maintenance plans, in order to ensure that all your customers and clients can have a trust building first experience.

Expert maintenance technicians

When it comes to maintaining your website for you, we have everything under control. We provide you a chance to concentrate on growing your business, while managing your website for you.

Safe and secure

Dynamic security and secured firewalls against any sort of malware is our speciality. We ensure the confidentiality of your data and provide you a chance to sit back and relax.

Stay relevant

We at Gnovatech ensure that you do not stay out of the loop. We believe to keep you informed about every single detail, and offer your website with solutions for long-lasting success.

Flexible maintenance

Our professionals ensure an amazing uptime, in order to make sure that the maintenance is flexible and ongoing.

Flexible Development Contract

Our contract is tailored to be flexible, in order to fit the requirements of our clients. We understand the limitations, and provide utmost flexibility to our customers.

Custom WordPress Design

We customize and personalize each and every project we do, in order to make sure that the project is according to our client’s needs.

Safe and secure

We are always concerned and careful about the security of our clients though our malware removal methodologies, providing them the peace of mind to grow their business.

Dedicated WordPress Developers

At Gnovatech, we ensure that our clients are always happy with our work, through dedication and sincerity towards our work. We strive to achieve the best results for all our customers.

Effective website development solution

Our team is inclined towards providing you with a cost-effective and efficient website development solutions, in order to increase productivity of your website.

Exquisite WordPress Design

We have designers with years of experience in WordPress, ensuring the most smooth and efficient transitions in your project.

Save time and money

We understand the importance of your time, and ensure you can spend it on growing your business. Our professionals take care of the rest for you!

Dedicated domain and email

Our web-hosting solutions are carefully designed and developed. We ensure that your firm can maintain good relationships with clients, and gain trust and loyalty in return.

Dedicated maintenance team

We believe that our work is not done up until delivering the project. We have a customer-friendly and professional maintenance team up and running 24/7 to keep your project functional.

Fast and secure

Quality, speed and confidentiality are qualities we flaunt and improve with each project we do!

Attentive and responsive

Attention to details and responsiveness towards client queries are two of our core values. We ensure each client is provided with the best service possible.

Tailored website hosting packages

We know each and every business has different requirements and a budget. To be accessible for everyone, our hosting packages are tailored to fit the needs of every single company.

Full Ownership

Whether you need backend management or frontend development, our team deals holistically and caters every single detail.

Flexible Engagement

The importance of a well-implemented custom development project is our focus. We ensure flexibility in our process in order to attend to all your requirements.

Dedicated Project Management

We tailor our project management techniques according to your needs and requirements, working 24/7 to offer you the best in the market.

Experienced Team

At Gnovatech, we flaunt years of experience in all the fields we work in. Our professionals are maestros of what they do, and can provide you with the best results possible.

Certified Customs Programmers and Developers

Our team is based on diversity, with professionals of CSS, jQuery, PHP, HTML and JavaScript.

Your online presence depends on it

In this fast-paced technology driven era, your business needs to exist online at any cost. Our professionals understand this and help your business exist digitally.

Exceptional ROI for your business

We have experts delivering result-oriented website designs every minute. From engagement over the website to the ROI, we have everything under control.

Complete solution

We understand and value the importance of your time. Instead of going one task at a time, we believe in providing a holistic solution to all your problems.

Dedicated project management

Our professionals ensure your comfort, with only one point of contact, providing top-notch and efficient project management.


At Gnovatech, we believe in being consistent about our work. From delivering top quality work to maintaining it, we provide long-term services to our clients.

Professional responsive web designers

To make each and every experience of your customers amazing, the techniques our professionals use are not only sought-after, but extremely responsive as well.

Look your best of any device

Our team ensures that your website is sleek-looking not only on mobile phones, but all the other devices as well.