What is CRASystem?

Cancer Risk Assessment System is an Artificial Intelligent Machine Learning Web and Mobile Application dealing mainly with advisory and evaluation of active and potential patients of breast cancer. In terms of the machine learning algorithm the software went through the functionalities of different machine learning algorithms, and further customize it according to their own requirements.

This will allow them to see which algorithm will provide them with the highest percentage of accuracy. Once the testing is completed, the software will be put to action; in order to save as many lives as we can!


  • WordPress Development.
  • Website Designing.
  • Content Development.
  • Graphic Designing.

Challenge We Faced:

Bringing the concept of machine learning, artificial intelligence and sophisticated frameworks on a single platform, and then combining these futuristic concepts into a single user-friendly website was overwhelming for the whole Gnovatech team. The most daunting challenge was to test the dataset against our machine learning algorithm, and achieve the highest accuracy in order to make sure we do not make even the slightest mistake in a process to save as many lives as we lose against breast cancer in the UK.

Our Solutions:

  • We combined different sophisticated frameworks of machine learning algorithms, to generate our custom algorithm which could attain the highest accuracy.
  • We tested our dataset against our demo model, in order to see how high we can go with our accuracy testing, and allowed the algorithm to train on the dataset.

We created a web application, an Android application as well as an iOS application, in order to make sure that the patients had the ease of access and could use the service from their mobiles as well.

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