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As these cookies are not necessarily or strictly being used for the provision of our services or website, we will ask for your consent towards our use of cookies on your first visit to our website.


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What Are Cookies?

A cookie is basically a file which contains an identifier (a thread of numbers and letters), which is sent from a web server to a web browser, and later stored by the browser. After that, the identifier is sent to the server, as the browsers requests a page from it.

There are basically two types of cookies; a persistent and a session cookie. The persistent cookie stays within the web browser till it’s expiry date, or until the user deletes it from the browser. The session cookie on the other hand stays in the browser for a single session, until the user closes the browser.

Cookies primarily do not contain any personal information as to identify the user, however, the personal information that we store might be li8nked to the information which is stored in the cookies we have obtained.

Which Cookies Do We Use?

The cookies which are used by us are for the following purpose:

We use the cookie: PHPSESSID in order to store a single message once a form is submitted, so that it can be displayed on another page. For example, if an inquiry form is submitted with errors, the information will be stored and the user will be asked to correct the errors on another page; probably before submitting.

Which Cookies Our Service Providers Use?

The service providers connected to us may also be using cookies, and these cookies might be stored on your computer once you visit our website.

We additionally use Google Analytics, in order to calculate and analyze about the usage of our website. Google Analytics gathers information about our website via the information stored in the cookies. This information is used to make reports and charts, related to the usage of our website. Google’s privacy policy can be found at: [The relevant cookies are: (identify cookies)].

We also publish advertisements of Google AdSense over our website, In order to determine what you like, Google tracks your behavior and your activity over our platform and other websites all over the web; using cookies. This allows Google to tailor the advertisements according to your likes and dislikes – however, we do not post interest-based advertisements over our website. You have the access to view, add or delete your interest category by visiting: You also have the option to opt out of the AdSense campaign through the same network settings, or by using Network Advertising Initiatives multi-cookie opt-out process by visiting: However, these mechanisms use cookies themselves, and once you delete the cookies from your browser, the opt-out will not be maintained. In order to keep opt-outs maintained for a specific browser, use Google plug-ins at: [The relevant cookies are: _ga cookie, -gat cookie, ga.js, analytics.js].

In order to serve the advertisements, we use DoubleClick Ad Services. This particular service provider uses cookies in order to serve relevant ads to all the potential customers; as well as gathering information about your interaction with the ads. You can visit the privacy policy of this service provider at: [The relevant cookie is a test cookie].

How Do We Manage Cookies?

Most of the browsers over the web allow you to accept, refuse and even delete cookies. The methods for doing this may vary from one browser to another, as well as from one version to another. However, in order to get latest update on how to block ad delete cookies, visit the following links: (Chrome); (Firefox); (Opera); (Internet Explorer); (Safari); and (Edge).
Blocking all the cookies will surely have a negative impact on the usability of different website.
Once you block the cookies, you will not be able to use all the features of our website.