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What is Clinic Online Website Platform?

When it comes to the website design of Clinic Online, the professionals at the backend and frontend have outdone themselves. The website allows patients and doctors to engage in a user-friendly way, in order to discuss whatever the situation or case might be. The website offers patient’s a chance to view their health record, use health insurance of their companies, or even video call and conference with doctors to get a better idea of what they might be facing.

Billing mechanisms have also been used on the website, in order to keep the financial information of the clients safe and secure. On top of that, an online pharmacy and a scheduler have also been incorporated in the website design, to make sure doctors can keep track of appointments and patients can get medicine with ease.

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Challenge We Faced:

Being a liaison between patients and doctors, clinic online had very complex functionality in order for it to run as a user-friendly platform. Building the website up from scratch, we needed to be sure that the website was being optimized simultaneously with the development procedure; in order for it to rank better on the search engine. Moreover, the marketing needed to be very aggressive and compiled, for a better conversion rate.

Our Solutions:

  • In order to make sure that the website was ranked sand it kept enhancing overtime, we made sure to develop a call-to-action driven and optimized landing page.
  • We increased the functionalities which were incorporated in the website, and added some complexly written functions in order to make the website user-friendly.

By providing long-term maintenance, surveillance and monitoring, we made sure that the website kept running smoothly; and enhance in ranking as well.

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