ClinicOnline Software

What is Clinic Online Software?

When you are looking for a doctor online and you can’t find one with the right skills, what do you do? Clinic Online is the answer. A liaison between doctors and patients, this software works for automation of data within the platform. Through a time scheduler connected with a reminder, the software allows doctors to keep a track of all their appointments, without having to write down notes about each and everything.

With a long-lasting database, the patients can easily get in touch with the doctor to get an analysis of their medical history. Moreover, the doctors are allowed to collaborate with each other, if they are looking to get information from one another; or looking to transfer cases. The Pharma Guide is one of the main features of this software, allowing doctors to carry out an analysis of any sort of medicines they need information on. On top of everything else, a graphical and geographical analysis of the patients is also conducted through this all-in-one software.


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Challenge We Faced:

The software of clinic online was a daunting ride, as it had a very complex backend and had to be developed from the start using flexible and sophisticated algorithms. Different functionalities were meant to be run over the software, which needed to be managed, without making the software lagging or too heavy for devices.

Our Solutions:

  • To overcome all the obstacles, we developed and designed the software from scratch, making it a liable software throughout the process.

We worked simultaneously on numerous different functionalities such as Pharma Guide, scheduler, online pharmacy, reminder and many others; without overlapping the procedures.

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