What is CDMS?

The Contact Database Management System, or more commonly known as CDMS is a website portal which makes SMS and Email marketing easy. This website portal allows the hosts to import excel sheets with details of the clients, in order to send emails or SMS directly.

Taking marketing to the next level, CDMS is a platform which offers a chance to send bulk SMS or emails, branded and non-branded SMS and also allows the clients to market according to the geographic location of the potential clients. On top of that, the portal has an archives section, which prevents the hosts from repetition of data.


  • Web Designing.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • SMS/Email Marketing.
  • Logo Design.

Challenge We Faced:

Being a contact database management system, the most daunting task was to ensure an algorithm, which could accurately judge between emails belonging to the primary section, and the ones which had to go to spam. On top of that, creating a seamless and well-crafted functionality of bulk emails also seemed to be a challenge.

Our Solutions:

  • First and foremost, the email structures were researched, modified and executed, in order to ensure that the system could differentiate between real and spam emails.
  • Machine learning algorithms were used, in order to make sure the system could pick up on keywords, and sort emails out.

Bulk and scheduler emails were set-up differently, in order to ensure that the client could use it according to business requirement.

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